Brick by Brick a Home is Built:  The 2015 Taos Habitat Team Invites YOU to Buy a Brick & Become a PAL.

October 3-10, 2015 —— Taos, New Mexico …

A team of nine people will be travelling to Taos to help the Romero family build their home.  Kay Betton, Karin Hatch, Leon Gogl, and Linda & Larry Larson will join four people from St. Augustine’s Episcopal of Freeland, WA on this important trip.  We would like you to travel with us by becoming a PAL.  Your participation will be a gift to the team as we are small in number but mighty in heart!

To find out how you can become a PAL by contributing to the 2015 Taos Habitat Team, please check out page 18 of the September 2015 Newsletter.  The deadline for making a donation is September 27, 2015.