Positive Organ

BondPositivThe Margaret B. Witschard Positive Organ is a gift to St. James Lutheran Church and a resource for the American Guild of Organists as a lasting legacy honoring Margaret as musician, organist, teacher, and leader in local and national professional musical organizations.

It is used primarily for sacred music performances, such as the Bach Cantata Vespers at St. James.  Its scale and portability invites its use for chamber music, intimate worship gatherings, weddings, and memorial services.  Its capability of mechanical transposition tuning makes it attractive to those choral, vocal, and instrumental ensembles in the Portland area who specialize in early music.

This beautiful self-contained three-stop instrument built by Portland organ builder Richard Bond is housed in a case of quarter-sawn oak with a hand-rubbed linseed oil and beeswax finish.

Key compass is 54 notes (C to F) and can be mechanically transposed down one half-step allowing for the performance of early music by period instruments at A=415.  Sharp keys are rosewood with naturals covered in cow bone.

The three stops are:

8′ Gedeckt (wood)

4′ Chimney Flute (wood)

2′ Principal (metal)

Tuning by stoppers and sleeves accommodates alternate temperaments.  The blower is housed in the matching bench.