Visual Artists’ Group

Artists’ Group Monthly Show: September 12th — October 27th, 2021

Artists of the Month: Footprints Artists, including Bob Grover, Mary Pacios, & Paula Carlson:“What We Brought With Us”

Many of us in the United States have family who, at one point or another, migrated from another country. We are aware of great migrations — some forced, some by choice or some due to other circumstances often causing negative feelings about the refugee. This fall, members of a consortium of galleries in several Portland churches will have exhibitions expressing a “Footprints: Immigration/Migration” theme to facilitate discussions about all people in transition.

The “Footprints” exhibition at St. James, presented by the Visual Arts group, is called “What We Brought With Us”. It will include the work of nine artists including members Bob Grover, Mary Pacios, and Paula Carlson. All will have uniquely expressed the theme through an assortment of materials and techniques such as painting, collage, and 3D composition.

In October, members of a consortium of galleries in Portland area churches will be hosting visitors to their exhibitions expressing a “Footprints: Immigration/Migration” theme about all people in transition.
Sunday, October 3rd and Sunday, October 10th galleries will be open in each church from 1:00pm to 4:00pm. You can walk or ride to see the exhibitions. You may park in the First Presbyterian Church parking lot, validate parking in their gallery, and then walk to nearby churches. Other participating churches are First Congregational UCC, First United Methodist, Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, and Westminster Presbyterian Church. A “Footprints” handout is available at St. James.

Finally, please join us at 6:00pm for an Artist Reception to be held on October 17th at St. James after the Jazz Vespers. A few artists will speak about their work and their interpretation of the “Footprints: Immigration/Migration” theme.

memory, reality, responsibility
Sept. 12th — Oct. 27th, 2021

Please find below a YouTube video of the work of 7X7 Footprint artists. St. James is part of this group of 7 churches and 3 of our members have art in this video.