Visual Artists’ Group

Artists’ Group Monthly Show: March 2020

Artist of the Month:  Bob Grover, “PASSAGES”

NOTE: The Exhibition and Artist’s Reception HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED indefinitely …

During the month of March our exhibit will feature Bob Grover’s computer enhanced paintings. In 1993, after retiring from OHSU School of Medicine faculty, Bob enrolled in Portland Community College art classes to start a second career. Bob says, “As my career progressed, I had several important passages from one type of art to another. I started using charcoal and pencils, then moved to pastels and the realm of color. I then tried acrylic paints that were easy to correct. I started using watercolors that are much less forgiving but are lighter and airier. [This] is now my favorite medium.” In addition to painting, Bob has also taken sculpture and ceramics classes — another major passage for him. He creates sculptures from found objects and epoxy clay. His last passage has been using Photoshop to digitally enhance his images.

Immigration Show at St. James: September-October 2020
Open Space Discussion: March 2020

The St. James Immigration Art Show will take place in September and October 2020. This show, organized by the St. James Art Group, will center on the stories and journeys of our parents and forebears. This show is not about “being an artist,” but rather about storytelling and celebrating our history. The exhibit will include a video of iPhone interviews as well as a book for those that prefer to write out their memories — every person at St. James who wants to tell a story will have the chance to share. There will be an Open Space in March to give everyone who wishes to participate the opportunity to discuss the project and sign up. In the meantime, you are encouraged to begin gathering artifacts that will help tell your story, such as: old letters; census forms; military records; photos; baptismal and marriage certificates; immigration records; recipes; ledgers; tickets; maps; bulletins; family bibles; and anything else you can think of! The Art Group will keep your originals safe and is happy to help with scanning or photographing your items. Contact: Ron Zellar about photographing or digitizing documents; Bob Grover if you would like something artistically rendered; and Margie Lee with any general questions.