Visual Artists’ Group

Artists’ Group Monthly Show: November 2020

Artist of the Month: Joel Nickel “The Joy of Color”

NOTE: The Exhibition and Artist’s Reception HAVE BEEN SUSPENDED indefinitely …

Our Artist of the Month for November is Joel Nickel. Most of our members will recognize his art from images seen on program covers for Sunday worship and for the Jazz Vespers. This exhibit will be another virtual show that you can find below on this Art Group page of the St. James website.

“The Joy of Color”

During the gloomy days of the COVID-19 pandemic, I hope my “joy of color” can lighten and usually invigorate the spaces from which you view this virtual exhibit. When I paint, I’m very conscious of the color wheel — the tension created by juxtaposing primary and secondary colors and the “push-pull” forward and back movement of light and dark areas. I love circles mixed together with triangles and squares, broken up by diagonals and jabs of light. The circles could be rolling balls, suggesting the impact of gravity or celestial bodies in orbit. Currently I have two series into which most of my art fits: Abstract Geometric (flat, interpenetrating torqued forms highlighting the surface of the painting.) And Hubble Meditation (triggered by photos taken by the Hubble Space telescope suggesting orbiting movement and depth.) I also work with cloisonné enamel images (glass on metal/copper, fused in a kiln) fastened to silver plate trays which are then fastened to sculpted wood frames painted black. The images are similar whether created with paint or glass and differ only in size. All pieces were created in 2020.

Ab Geo VII

Ab Geo XIV

Ab Geo XV




Go With The Flow

Hubble Meditation XIV

Hubble Meditation XV

Six Blocks

Six Circles Ab. Geo XVI



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NOTE: The Immigration/Emigration Exhibition, “FOOTPRINTS,” has been postponed until the Fall of 2021. The education program has also been postponed. The stories of immigration and ancestry for our members will still be alive in 2021. We will continue with our “virtual exhibitions” this Fall: so please enjoy “The Joy of Color” by Joel Nickel, Artist of the Month for November, posted above on this page of the St. James website.

memory, reality, responsibility
Sept. 12th – Oct. 27th, 2021

Please find below a YouTube video of the work of 7X7 Footprint artists. St. James is part of this group of 7 churches and 3 of our members have art in this video.