Visual Artists’ Group

Artists’ Group Monthly Show:  February 2019

Artist of the Month:  Albert Alter “What’s in a Face?”

Artist’s Reception:  Sunday, February 17th, 6:00pm

What is really in a face? It is the first thing we notice about a person, but what does the face tell us? Photos that are posed (“say cheese”) or formal are not Albert’s style. He is more interested in an expression or a look than a formal shot of a face. Spontaneity allows him the possibility of getting inside the face whether it is of a person, animal, side of a building, or a flower. Sometimes when he looks closer at a photo, something will appear that he originally overlooked. Albert always has his camera with him and when something appears, he is ready to be captured by it. By looking at life through the eyes of the camera, he often sees unusual images or compositions.
Albert’s photographs have been in Artslandia Magazine, The New Calliope Magazine, and on the CD cover “Spirit Divine: Sacred Choral Music”. He has exhibited in solo and group shows including the Lake Oswego Festival of the Arts, the Cloisters Gallery at Westminster Presbyterian Church, New Space for Photography and in the Pioneer Chapel Gallery at St. James. His work is also in numerous personal collections in the Northwest and the Southeast. He loves taking candid shots at celebrations and interacting with his love of life by helping others experience the surprising appearance of things unexpected.

Albert Alter will be exhibiting his photography in the month of February in our Pioneer Chapel Gallery.

“I know faces, because I look through the fabric my own eye weaves and behold the reality beneath.” Kahlil Gibran