Staff and Leadership

We’d love to hear from you! All Staff and Leadership of St. James can be reached by calling the church office at 503-227-2439. A receptionist will be available Monday–Friday from 7:30am to 2:00pm. At other times, just leave a message.


Full-Time Staff



Pastor David Knapp
Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday


Director; St. James Child Development Center

Patrick Earnest
Office Hours:  Monday-Friday


Part-Time Staff


Interim Organist & Music Director

Michael Lindner, M.M., M.S.M.
Office Hours: TBD




Receptionist/Building Assistant

Lilli Vellom
Office Hours: Monday-Friday


Parish Administrator

Karin Hatch, M.S.
Office Hours:  Monday; Wednesday-Friday



Sharon Kurtz
Office Hours:  Monday-Tuesday


Director of Jazz Ministry

Mike Horsfall



Nurse; Foot Care Ministry

Scott Keane, R.N.
Office Hours: Tuesday-Wednesday



Volunteer Property Manager

Larry Larsen



Church Leadership

Congregational President:  Carl Cottingham
Congregational Vice President:  Kathleen McDonald
Congregational Treasurer:  Becky Bolt
Church Council Secretary:  David Zellmer