Staff and Leadership

NOTE: From June 13th to July 1st, 2022, Elsa Dougherty, our Administrative Assistant, will be in the office from 3:00-7:00pm to accommodate a summer performance training. If you need assistance, Pastor David will be in the office in the morning and Elsa will be in at 3:00pm. You can also email Elsa and she will get back to you promptly!

We continue to work out of our temporary office at the corner of SW 10th and Jefferson until August.

We’d love to hear from you! All Staff and Leadership of St. James can be reached by calling the church office at 503-227-2439. A receptionist will be available Monday–Friday from 7:30am to 2:00pm — starting again after the Independence Day holiday. At other times, just leave a message.


Full-Time Staff



Pastor David Knapp
Office Hours:  Monday-Thursday


Director; St. James Child Development Center

Patrick Earnest
Office Hours:  Monday-Friday


Part-Time Staff


Director of Music Ministry

Colin Stave, M.M.
Office Hours: TBD




Front Office Assistant

Elsa Dougherty
Office Hours: Monday-Friday


Parish Administrator

Karin Hatch, M.S.
Office Hours:  Tuesday-Friday



Sharon Kurtz
Office Hours:  Monday-Tuesday


Director of Jazz Ministry

Mike Horsfall



Volunteer Property Manager

Larry Larsen



Church Leadership

Congregational President: Carl Cottingham
Congregational Vice President: Kathleen McDonald
Congregational Treasurer: David Scott
Congregational Secretary: Esther Portnoy