From Pastor David:

“When eating fruit,
remember the one who planted the tree.”
–Vietnamese Proverb

This month we thank God for “tree-planters” – for all who shaped our life of faith. Who do you remember?

Thirty years after Jesus’ resurrection, the writer of the 17th book in the New Testament thanked God for those who planted the seeds of Timothy’s faith:

“I am reminded of your sincere faith, a faith that lived first in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and now lives in you.”

God provides guides and shepherds we call the Communion of Saints. They weave themselves though our lives as some enter and others exit. They are another reason we claim this time as our “Season of Gratitude” as we provide our individual estimate of giving for 2023 and become guides for others.

So join us at St. James this month as we:

–Acknowledge them (All Saints Sunday, November 6th)
–Rededicate our building and ourselves (Sunday, November 13th)
–Enjoy Thanksgiving Day with your family and friends.

–Pastor David

Dedication of our New Piano – Join Us November 6th:
On Sunday, November 6th join us as we dedicate our new sanctuary piano. Thanks to generous gifts from St. James members, we are now blessed with a Mason Hamlin. The piano has been called a “muscle car” of pianos and allows St. James’ sanctuary to serve as an outreach venue to the entire Portland community. It will serve individuals, choirs and instrumental groups as a true performance instrument in a phenomenal downtown musical space. Our thanks to the “team” of piano researchers at St. James who took the time to research and purchase this instrument.

Building Rededication Sunday:
Our St. James history is full of celebrations and gratitude. On February 20th, 1977 the congregation completed a two and a half year renovation and upgrade of the property. They immediately paused to give thanks and celebrate!

This year’s renovation only took six months and prepared our building for active ministry ahead. Now it’s time to thank God and celebrate again. On Sunday, November 13th, 2022, join us for:

–9:30am Eucharist and Service of Rededication and Blessing of Estimate of Giving cards
–10:40am Rededication lunch in Pioneer Chapel (no cost but must RSVP)
–5:00pm Rededication Concert

Join us for a Bach Vespers Service on Sunday, November 13th at 5:00pm.
“We are excited to return to our Vespers Ministry on the second Sunday of November. As we prepare to resume this beautiful tradition, we are looking at refreshing and reimagining it as well. For me, this means we must start with the foundation: the Vespers liturgy itself. This service will focus on highlighting the structural components of the liturgy, where and when they come from, and how they came to be a part of this centuries-old tradition. The ancient roots of this service will be evident in the 3rd Century Hymn Joyous Light of Glory, and a choral realization of a chant setting of the canticle, Magnificat by Charles Wood. Tying into our fall Stewardship theme, the service will feature Paul Bouman’s beautiful anthem, It Is a Good Thing to Give Thanks. Please join us!”
–Colin Stave, Director of Music Ministry