A Day with Gertrud in Downtown Portland:

Gertrud Mueller Nelson, author and artist, comes to Portland for a day-long workshop on Saturday, July 26th, at St. James Lutheran Church, as part of weekend “Feast of St. James.”

Author of To Dance with God:  Family Ritual and Community Celebration  (1986), A Wedding with Spirit:  Making Your Wedding (and Marriage) More Meaningful ( 2006), A Walk Through Our Church (1998) and many shorter works and articles, Gertrud Mueller Nelson finds inspiration and challenge in bringing the sacred back into daily life, especially as we nurture our young folk in the faith.

“The ‘first church,’” she writes, “is really our home.  This is where our daily experiences are charged with the sacred.  This is where our children first learn from us and learn to verbalize their sense of mystery.  This is the reality that wants to cross over from home to church and knit the two into an organic whole.  How do we join home and church?  How do we join Earth and Heaven?”

The 9AM-3PM Saturday event begins with coffee and refreshments in the Pioneer Chapel and includes a tasty lunch at noon.  Parking is available for moderate cost in nearby lots; downtown trolley and light rail lines running east/west/north/south are a short walk away.

The Saturday event is FREE, courtesy of the St. James Endowment Fund, but we ask you to RSVP at 503 227 2439 or online at prandersen@stjamespdx.org so that you may be well-fed as you learn and laugh with Gertrud.