Visual Artists’ Group

Visual Artists’ Group

Artists’ Group Monthly Show:  Jan. 2018

Artist of the Month:  Bonnie Wilson “Moving On”

Artist’s Reception:  Sunday, Jan. 21st, 6-7:00pm in the Pioneer Chapel immediately following Jazz Vespers

The St. James Artists’ Group proudly presents the art of Bonnie Wilson for the month of January. The title of her show is “Moving On” reflecting her love of drawing and her interest in the human figure. She uses a two step process. First, she uses random colors in oil paint, watercolors or markers chosen by emotional whim, on paper. The second step is drawing lines freely but sparingly on top of the colors with a black Sharpie Permanent marker with chisel tip. Her subjects are images from previous studies or on-site drawings from her neighborhood near our Church. Bonnie’s goal is to enjoy the process without thinking about how others would view her art. She wants the images to have a raw, spontaneous and direct message.

A reception for Bonnie will be held at 6:00pm on Jan. 21st after the Jazz Vesper service. Bring a friend!