St. James Listening Gatherings

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St. James Listening Gatherings

Pastor David wants a chance to get to know you. Thus he is traveling to 12 Listening Gatherings located in neighborhoods throughout the city where St. James members live. Our thanks to those who have stepped forward to host one of the hour and a half gatherings.

Find the one that is close to your home and please attend. Each event will begin by Pastor David sharing some words from Luke 19. Then he hopes you will share a bit of your life history and spiritual journey. Finally, help him by answering “What is my one hope for St. James’ future ministry?” Below are the Listening Gatherings scheduled so far:

DATES, TIME, LG HOSTS, ADDRESS, Refreshments/Dinner

Sun., July 29th, 12:00pm, Young Families, SW Portland, Refreshments

Wed., Aug. 1st, 12:00pm, Eucharist Group, Zellmers, At St. James, Refreshments

Mon., Aug. 6th, 6:30pm, Leon Gogl, 15420 NE Knott #11, Portland, Refreshments

Wed., Aug. 15th, 6:30pm, Charlotte & Warren Cook, 9424 N. Polk Ave., Portland, Dinner

Wed., Sept. 12th, 6:30pm, Walter Matera, 14863 SE Thornton, Portland, Refreshments

Wed., Sept. 19th, 7:00pm, Dar & Mary Ellen Isensee, 1130 Upper Devon, Lake Oswego, Refreshments

Mon., Sept. 24th, 6:30pm, Bill Hamann, 1013 Bright Ave., Oregon City, Refreshments

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