It’s Back-to-School-Time again.  That means new clothes, new shoes, new school supplies, unless you don’t have the resources.  But Lutheran World Relief can help, with a little bit of YOUR help.  Please join us in creating these much-needed school kits.  Fred Meyer is a great resource for school supplies.  Financial donations may serve this purpose better.  We are very adept at stretching dollars, so checks are especially welcome!

Back-to-School Supply List for each Kit:

4 spiral notebooks
5 pencils
1 12-inch ruler
1 individual plastic pencil sharpener
5 blue or black ball point pens
1 box of 24 crayons
1 1-1/2-inch eraser

Supply Deadline: Saturday, Sept. 10th
Please bring supplies to the church.  

Look for the donation box in the Pioneer Chapel. 
Checks can be made to St. James with “Boxcars” in the note line.
Questions?  Contact Charlotte Cook for info: 503-286-8480