From the Pastor’s Desk …

In her new book Visual Thinking, Temple Grandin writes of the virtues of complimentary minds. She is convinced that the Rosetta Stone of ancient Egypt was only deciphered due to two people whose minds could not have been more different. Thomas Young, a medical doctor, was a spatial visualizer (loved math) while Jean-Francois Champollion was an object visualizer who taught himself to read while listening to monk’s chanting. It took 23 years to break the language code, and one way of thinking wouldn’t do it.

This month at St. James we thank God for complimentary minds; people who stand together in ministry offering disparate talents and ways of thinking.

–On February 22nd Lent begins with repentance – from the Greek “to think differently.”

–On March 5th Ministry Fair will highlight a variety of tasks requiring new thinking.

Where will you share your individual gifts and thinking? We are all made in God’s image — can you imagine the possibilities on our road together?

–Pastor David

Shrove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday …

For hundreds of years Christians have gathered the day before the Season of Lent to use up oil before the penitential time begins (to eat pancakes). We too will gather on Tuesday, February 21st at 5:30pm for such a meal in Pioneer Chapel. It will be the last day to greet one another with “Alleluia.” Then, the following day we join together in worship for the imposition of ashes on Wednesday, February 22nd at 12:00 noon to begin our 40 day Lenten journey to Easter morning. Join us for these ministry events.

Mid-Week Eucharist Returns …

On Wednesday, March 1st we will begin to gather again in Pioneer Chapel for a brief service of Eucharist led by Pastor David. It will be followed by a Bible Study focusing on the last book of the Bible: Revelation. The worship service and study will continue until Pentecost (the end of May).

Ministry Fair …

Join us at 10:45am on Sunday, March 5th for the St. James Ministry Fair! Ministries like the Eco Social Justice Group, Lutheran Ligaments, Contemplative Prayer, Art Group, and more will be present. Come learn about the ministry opportunities at St. James and see where you can share your gifts.

Mark your Calendars!

On March 5th and June 11th St. James will present a Lenten choral vespers and Summer choral vespers featuring the St. James choir. Beginning in May, St. James will also host a number of guest artists for a concert series dedicating our new sanctuary piano. Dates will be available soon!

Annual Meeting News …

Our thanks to all who gathered on January 22nd for our annual meeting and meal. We reviewed ministry reports from 2022, elected new leaders, passed a ministry spending plan for 2023 and celebrated the completion of a renovation year. Here are some quick ministry numbers from 2022: 2 baptisms, 12 new members, 5 weddings, 7 memorial services (3 member and 4 non-member), 254 times feeding the houseless, gathering 71 times for worship, completed a $3.2 million seismic upgrade and renovation, distributed over $30,000 of Endowment funds to worthy neighborhood agencies groups, and ministries, contributed $29,000 to the Oregon Lutheran Synod and the work of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, and ended the year with an offering surplus of $4,689.