Our ministry together at St. James begins Monday, July 16th. I’m excited and intend to hit the ground running by getting to know you — through trusting relationships Christ’s reign is advanced.

I will immediately work with President Carl and the Council to create ten to twelve Listening Gatherings, hosted by members in their homes representing the geographical neighborhoods where St. James members reside or work. These one-time meetings will all have the same goals as I get to know you:

1) To be centered and grounded in the Luke 19 story of Jesus welcoming Zacchaeus.
2) For you to share a bit of your spiritual path and how it intersects with St. James.
3) To hear from each person one specific hope for our future ministry.

The twelve gatherings will take place between August 1st and October 15th. The list will be published in the August newsletter and I invite you to attend one.

Let’s Get Started on the Best Day

July 22nd marks my first Sunday with you as your pastor. I cannot think of a better way to begin than by celebrating The Feast Day of St. James, for whom our church is named. We will become reacquainted with James’ and John’s scheming plan for front row seats in the kingdom, and Jesus’ reaction. I will also share a passage from Acts that, according to the printed history of our congregation, was the first to be used in 1890. Join us for the FEAST OF ST. JAMES on SUNDAY, JULY 22nd at 11:00am!