St. James Choir Returns …
As we approach a new season, we anticipate a new beginning in musical worship at St. James. While we won’t simply flip a switch and go back to “normal” right out of the gate, we are still very excited to reclaim choral singing as a part of our worship. Two things we know for certain at this time is that all singers will be vaccinated and will continue to wear masks while singing. We are currently exploring ways to bring singers into the service safely. I am confident that there is an abundance of the holy spirit to reinforce our efforts, and ample grace to help us make these adjustments with flexibility and patience.
-Colin Stave, Director of Music Ministry
We have much to look forward to as we continue to bring musical elements back into our services. This month we will explore themes of healing, good works, taking up our crosses, and honoring the 20th anniversary of 9/11 by renewing our commitment to bring peace to the world and our lives. May God watch over us and work through our hands and voices as we sing His praises! Soli deo gloria.

Open Space Fall Schedule on Sundays at 11:00am …
September 12th. ELCA Film on Service. Watch a short film related to the ELCA’s emphasis on service and engage in a discussion with Pastor David about how we at St. James serve the community.
September 19th. Emanuel Hospital Film and Synod work on Reparations. Watch a short film related to the displacement of African American people in Portland due to the building of Emanuel Hospital. Engage in a discussion related to the content of the film.
September 26th. Art Group: “Immigration”. Paula Carlson leads a discussion about the exhibition.
October 3rd. Blessing of the Children. We will honor the memory of Pastor Joe Smith as we place a “Blessing of the Children” plaque in our worship space.
October 10th. Sharing our Gifts. Part One: We feature Friedrich Schuler on his book “A Shield for the Columbia River”. We also feature Sue Hammond on her book “I Talk to Trees”.
October 17th. Sharing our Gifts. Part Two: We listen to author Lori McCloskey on her “Max the Cat” detective mystery series, which upholds disabled characters.
October 24th. 40th Anniversary of St. James CDC. Celebrate the ministry of the St. James Child Development Center with Patrick Earnest and John Danielson.
October 31st. Musings on Luther’s iconic hymn “A Mighty Fortress is Our God”. It is Reformation Sunday! Join us as we discuss Luther’s iconic hymn, “A Mighty Fortress” with our Director of Music Ministry Colin Stave.
November 7th. Japanese Internment Camp Survivor. Hear Joni Kimoto’s personal story of her experience in a Japanese internment camp.
November 14th. Ordination Celebrations. Celebrate the 51st anniversary of David Zellmer’s ordination and the 50th anniversary of Bill Coffman’s.

Children’s Sunday School Begins …
On Sunday, September 19th, in-person Children’s Sunday School will begin at St. James at 11:00am. For the last few years our congregation’s children have had the fortune of being taught by Jan Nelson. She picks up the mantle again for the first four weeks of the year before stepping down. Fortunately, through a collaborative effort between Colin Stave, Chelsea Kimmett, and Joshua Peters McBride, we will be able to continue with Sunday School activities through December. We are looking for someone who is willing to teach 2-3 Sundays a week beginning in the winter. Please let Mandy Ellertson know if you are interested.

Construction Begins …
Three major projects are taking place at St. James this fall including the installation of a new roof, a complete seismic upgrade in the Pioneer Chapel, and the installation of a brand new HVAC system. Due to these changes, there will be general construction debris in the area and less street parking. These projects are a great investment in our church and will help ensure that we stay “in the city for good.” If you have any questions, contact Carl Cottingham, Sue Hammond, David Scott, Larry Larsen, Becky Bolt, or Don Nielsen.