We are worshiping just next door at Sixth Church of Christ, Scientist throughout the construction period at St. James. Join us for worship and fellowship on Sundays at 9:30am.

From Pastor David:

E pluribus unum.

It is written on the back of your dollar bill. It has been inscribed on U.S. coins since 1795. It is Latin for “Out of Many, One.”

That’s also the central message of the season of Pentecost, which we begin celebrating on Sunday, June 5th. God’s Spirit arrives like a rushing wind (Acts 2) celebrating the diversity of language, nationality, personalities, talents, and the creation itself. Yet there is one more message: all are united under one spirit and one mission of love. Out of Many, One.

Today at St. James, that is both our joy and our challenge. Are we open to the diversity of sexuality, gender, race, and nationality? With the recent tragic murders in Buffalo and Uvalde, it is clear that some violently oppose diversity. With Russia invading Ukraine, some attempt to impose their national borders on others. Still others want to choke earth’s diversity with over-consumption.

“Out of Many, One” is not only on our banknotes; for followers of the Risen Christ it is our mission. Love the variety all around you. Treat those different from you with respect. Come Holy Spirit!

–Pastor David

Food for the Unsheltered:
Dave has a tent under the I-5 bridge. Tim moved his sleeping bag when an angry neighbor pursued him with a baseball bat. Those without homes continue to gather 5 days a week near the Portland Art Museum as we distribute food and needed items. Your financial and in-kind donations make it all possible. Thanks as well to those who pack food boxes twice a month. This month we will meet to pack food boxes on June 1st and June 22nd at 10:00am.

On Sunday, June 5th our St. James children will form a Pentecost parade in worship and blow out the cake candles as we celebrate the birthday of the Christian Church. Join us!

Coming Up: June Open Space at St. James
Be sure to join us for an exciting series of Adult Education events this June! Interested in leading an Open Space? Contact Mandy Ellertson for more information.

June 5th Discussion on merging the Justice Committee with Caring for Creation Committee — Mandy Ellertson and Doris Nielsen

June 12th No Open Space

June 19th Cheering on the Portland Pride Parade — All are welcome!

June 26th Homelessness in our neighborhood — Sergeant Matt Jacobsen from the Portland Police Bureau. NOTE: Final Open Space. We conclude this program year’s Open Space gatherings on Sunday, June 26th. Sergeant Matt Jacobsen will be joining us for worship and Open Space to tell us about his work on the Neighborhood Response Team in our downtown neighborhood. Please join us!

Building Renovation:
The St. James courtyard is being torn up (and put back together) to make way for electrical conduits that will power our HVAC system. The sanctuary is also under construction and scaffolding will soon be raised in order to begin work on the new roof and seismic (earthquake) upgrades. The installation of the new heating/cooling system is ahead of schedule and well within budget. Soon PGE will bury new electrical conduits beneath our courtyard while new paint and carpeting is being prepared for our office/education wing. Recently our Council gave final approval to Phase 2 which includes seismic work and a new roof. Scaffolding will soon be placed in our worship area. The office/education wing is scheduled to be completed August 1st as our school returns to the building. The worship area and Pioneer Chapel will be finished in October.

Oregon Lutheran Synod Assembly:
In May, Scott and Mandy Ellertson and Pastor David attended the 2022 Oregon Lutheran Synod Assembly in Sunriver, Oregon. Our Bishop, Laurie Larsen Caesar, reported ELCA membership is declining, but from our observation the Synod and church is engaged with issues impacting humanity. Caring for the poor, the planet, and the disenfranchised is a priority for the Oregon Synod as well as developing strong communities in our churches. Memorials and resolutions focused on issues associated with Social Justice, Climate Change, and gun control and inspired great dialogue. Five of the six passed the assembly with overwhelming majorities.

Peace Plaza Prayers as Texas Families Weep:
On Sunday, May 29th we met in Peace Plaza to pray for those families in Texas whose children were killed due to gun violence. You are encouraged to sign the Reduction of Gun Violence Act at lifteveryvoiceoregon.com.

Your Gifts for Ukraine:
Since Putin’s war on Ukraine began on February 24th, you have given over $12,356. Your gifts are now helping mothers and children who are fleeing to Poland and other countries. Thank you!

Summer Bible Study:
This summer Pastor David will share his online Bible Study titled “Seeing Our Neighbors.” It is based on Matthew, chapter 25 and brings to life your good work with those in need in Ukraine. He will use portions of the Lutheran World Relief publication of the same name with real-life examples of those mothers and children fleeing war-torn Ukraine and others who are internally displaced. The study will be available on Wednesday mornings here on our St. James website (https://stjamespdx.org/communications/bible-study/) starting at the end of July.

Christ in Our Home:
Copies of Christ in Our Home for July-September are available for pickup in the church office.