Holy Week

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Holy Week

Holy Week begins on Sunday, April 13th, at 9:30AM, with a gathering and processional in the South Park Blocks and the Passion Narrative Reading from Matthew’s Gospel. We carry branches of salal — a local alternative to palms.

*Noontime meditation liturgies in the Pioneer Chapel Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during Holy Week.

*Maundy Thursday noontime Liturgy of Foot Washing and Eucharist in the Pioneer Chapel; Evening Eucharist and stripping of the altars at 7PM, beginning in the Pioneer Chapel.

*Good Friday Noontime Adoration of the Cross in the Pioneer Chapel.

*Good Friday Evening Choral Vesper including selections from Johann Sebastian Bach’s St. John Passion with choir and orchestra at 7PM.

*The Great Easter Vigil beginning in the courtyard with the lighting of new fire and candlelight processional into the sanctuary.  Salvation histories told in works by local artists, followed by Eucharist.  All beginning at 7PM; Mike Horsfall is guest musician on the vibraphone.

*Easter Sunday Festival Eucharist at 9:30AM, festival choral music and brass.

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