“Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland”
(Now come, Savior of the Nations). 
Sunday, Dec. 4th, 2016 at 5:00pm. 
Composed for the First Sunday in Advent, this cantata was first performed on December 2, 1714, led by Bach.  The text was provided by Erdmann Neumeister, who quoted the Book of Revelation and framed his work by two hymn stanzas, the first from Martin Luther’s “Nun komm, der Heiden Heiland,” the main hymn for Advent with a melody based on Medieval chant, and the final one from Philipp Nicolai’s “Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern.”  The cantata is scored for three vocal soloists (soprano, tenor and bass), strings and continuo.  Dr. Paul Tegels of Pacific Lutheran University will be the guest organist.  A reception in the Pioneer Chapel follows the service.