A Note from Pastor David

Posted on Jun 4, 2018 in Happenings, Ministries, Special Occasions, Worship | 2 comments

What an honor it is to be your next pastor at St. James. I realize that I stand on the shoulders of pastoral leaders since 1890. Thank you for this opportunity to serve Christ with you.

I will spend the month of June and a bit of July completing my ministry at St. Luke, spending time with my family and anticipating our work together. I will then step in the door at St. James on July 16th. Already the words from my mouth are changing from “your church” to “our church.” I’m excited. I’m also grateful for the strong ministry of Pastor Janet, Nancy Nickel and your St. James Council. Together with the psalmist of old, we will sing a new song.



  1. Welcome to St. James dear Pastor Knapp! Jan and I will be coming to St. James when ever we get a chance!
    Bless you,
    Anne Bender

  2. Pastor Knapp, this is Karla Fox, Grace Hafdahl’s daughter. I see you are starting up on the 22nd, and I want to come! My mother would be so happy to see that I would be in your church taking part in your wonderful ministry. I hope to see you then,


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