Visual Artists’ Group

Artists’ Group Monthly Show:  Apr. 2017

Artist of the Month:  Bob Grover “Bob Grover’s Retrospective”

Artist’s Reception:  Sunday, Apr. 23rd, 6-7:00pm in the Pioneer Chapel immediately following Jazz Vespers

My art career has been a source of great satisfaction.  Doing art has provided me with a creative outlet and is a powerful distraction that has helped me to cope with the stresses of growing old.  I want to pay tribute to my love of art and all that it has done for me by presenting a retrospective of my work starting in the mid 1970’s to the work I am currently doing in 2017.  It will show the evolution of my work from the use of dry media like pencils and pastels, to using wet media like watercolors, acrylics and mixed media, to creating three dimensional art like ceramics and found object sculptures and finally to using the computer to enhance my art.

After my wife and I completed a Life Planning Course in early 1970, I decided that I would like to add learning more art to my “Bucket List.”

I found an art course at the Oregon Society of Artists that would fit into my work schedule.  Ree Barron, a retired draftsman, was my first mentor.  Patiently and with great skill, he taught me how to work with pencils and charcoal and later how to use colored pencils and pastels.  Photos of several of the black and white drawings that I did in his class are in the show.

The day after I retired, I enrolled in the PCC Sylvania art program and spent 14 years taking various art courses.  I learned how to use acrylics and watercolors and to refine my use of pastels.  Under the tutelage of two superb art professors, Bob Dozono and Mark Smith, l learned to develop my watercolor skills and it became one of my favorite mediums.  A number of the watercolors, as well as some of the soft and oil pastel paintings from the PCC era are in the show.  While at PCC, I got interested in mixed media paintings and that transitioned into my interest in found object sculpting.  I go to Goodwill and find discarded objects and repair them and then combine them with other art forms like clay sculptures and other found objects.  I spent several years learning how to work with clay at the Multnomah Art Center with the talented Kicki Masthem as my mentor.  I continue to enjoy creating clay and found object sculptures.  I breathe new life into them and when finished they breath new life into me.  I have included some of my favorites in the show.

One of my current interests is to scan my drawings and paintings into a computer, enhance them in Photoshop and print them on canvas paper.  I find that some of the results are much more interesting and exciting than the original art piece.  A few of them will be in the show.  I hope you will enjoy my retrospective.  It has been great fun for me to put it together.