Staff and Leadership

We’d love to hear from you! All Staff and Leadership of St. James can be reached by calling the church office at 503-227-2439.





Rev. Dr. Janet Parker
Office Hours:  Tuesday-Thursday



Minister of Music

Nancy Nickel
Office Hours:  Tuesday-Thursday Mornings





Sharon Kurtz
Office Hours:  Tuesday- Wednesday




Parish Administrator

Karin Hatch
Office Hours:  Monday-Tuesday; Thursday-Friday



Chelsea Ellertson
Office Hours:  Monday-Friday


Director; St. James Child Development Center

Patrick Earnest
Office Hours:  Monday-Friday




Lead RN; Nursing Clinic

Nancy Cutler
Office Hours:  Third Thursday of the month





RN; Nursing Clinic

Scott Keane
Office Hours:  Wednesday




Church Leadership

Congregational President:  Ralph Oyler
Congregational Vice President:  Dennis Roggen
Congregational Treasurer:  Scott Ellertson
Church Council Secretary:  Kristine Almquist
Congregational Member At Large:  Larry Larsen